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Interview with Carole Kremer, Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA, Film Fund Luxembourg)

(Head of Creative Europe Desk - MEDIA at the Film Fund Luxembourg)
The latest Numix Lab (between Brussels and Amsterdam, December 4-8, 2023) was an opportunity to examine the practices surrounding digital art and the places that host it. A very active 5-day immersion where Unframed Collection was able to set down its camera and interview those who connect XR creation with the general public.

Third interview: Carole Kremer is Head of Creative Europe Desk – MEDIA at the Film Fund Luxembourg, a public institution whose mission is to support the country’s audiovisual production.

What types of formats and works do you support?

Carole Kremer – The Film Fund’s mission is to support Luxembourg audiovisual production, and Luxembourg-based filmmakers and professionals. And often with other professionals based abroad, through existing co-productions.

Carole Kremer – We support all types of audiovisual works: feature-length and short films, documentaries, series, animation or live action and therefore immersive (VR, AR, MR).

What types of support do you offer?

Carole Kremer – Our support takes the form of a repayable advance on receipts, and always focuses on Luxembourg productions or co-productions. This means works by national professionals, or in collaboration with international partners. And this is often the case for XR, as a minority co-production.

What types of immersive experiences do you support?

Carole Kremer – These are very often 360° films (3DOF), but of course we also accept 6DOF or interactive experiences. We’ve supported installations with live actors or mocap, LBVR experiences like LE BAL DE PARIS by BLANCA LI or AYAHUASCA (KOSMIK JOURNEY) by Jan Kounen. At the moment, we’re accompanying CECI EST MON CŒUR by Nicolas Blies and Stéphane Hueber-Blies, an installation project supported by the Luxembourg company a_Bahn.

What role can cultural venues play in disseminating XR experiences?

Carole Kremer – Collaborations with cultural and exhibition venues are essential if the works are to be seen by an international audience. And ever-wider audiences, on simultaneous modes of dissemination. We don’t support venues directly, but we do encourage meetings between producers, creators and programmers wherever possible, to maximize the potential of the works we support. That’s why we take part in events like NUMIX LAB, where all the professionals are present. It’s an opportunity for the ecosystem to feed off each other, meet and broaden its horizons.

What do you see as the priority issues in terms of distribution?

Carole Kremer – We need to accelerate the link between venues and creators, to make the circulation of works easier and more organic.


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